South Korean player Hyun-Jin 'Balkhan' Choi has joined Bombers esports as its jungler for 2019 League of Legends.

Joining fellow South Korean Ju-Seong 'Mimic' Min as a recent signing, Balkhan is a rookie player who has never played competitive League of Legends before. Despite his rookie status, he is a player to be feared.

At the end of the 2018 season, Bombers esports began an intensive scouting process interviewing hundreds of players from around the world, with Balkhan selected as a result. 

After spending years playing casual League of Legends, Balkhan decided to try Solo Queue and within a few short months shot up to 700LP on the Korean Challenger leaderboard, where he was quickly recognised by Korea's top talent agency.  

Balkhan plays a high-pressure style of League of Legends, with an aggressive champion pool to match his playing style. His potential is limitless and when he joins the OPL in 2019, he will look to prove himself among the best in Oceania. 

“Balkhan comes into the OPL as a hidden star," Essendon's Head of Esports Nathan Mathews said.

"We have been watching his progress closely over the last few months and he is clearly a very gifted player. Our biggest task will be to ensure he can replicate his performances in a team environment but this is something we are confident in achieving.”