Reliable key defender Patrick Ambrose has been awarded the Adam Ramanauskas Most Courageous Award for the second time at the 2019 Crichton Medal awards ceremony on Tuesday night.

The tough Bomber is certainly at home crashing into the packs and he repeatedly put his body on the line for the side throughout the 2019 season.

Never one to back down from a challenge, the view of Ambrose running back with the flight to intercept the opposition’s attacks was a familiar one for fans this year as he played with supreme confidence in the air and threw his weight around with the ball on the deck.

The gutsy backman enjoyed a career-best season this year, putting together a career-high 20 senior games and cementing his position as one of the team’s most important defenders.

His 13.7 per cent loss rate from 51 contested defence one on one contests was clearly the best of those with 50 or more contests throughout the season, and the best rate of those ranked in the top 99 players for one on one contests, confirming his position as the league’s premier one-on-one defender this year.

Ambrose previously won the award for his brave efforts in 2017.