Essendon Football Club has unveiled its 2018 Dreamtime Guernsey ahead of the annual Dreamtime at the ‘G blockbuster against Richmond at the MCG on June 2.

Designed by Tiwi College student Arthurina Moreen, the artwork features dots on the famous red sash and lines in the body of the jumper representing Tiwi elders and culture.

“Rina”, an 18 year-old from Milikapiti on the Tiwi Islands, said she was extremely proud to design the Essendon jumper.

“My skin group is Mullet, in Tiwi it’s called Takaringuwi. My dreaming is black whip snake, in Tiwi it’s called Karlaputi,” Moreen said.

“My painting represents Tiwi culture in the way that the lines and dots represent the elders that have taught me to paint.

“I have used the traditional colours, which are yellow, black, white and ochre.

“I have watched my uncle paint since I was a little girl so he is someone that inspired my design.

“It will be special to see Essendon wear the jumper, I think my family would be proud.

“To have this opportunity to paint this design for the Dreamtime Guernsey for Essendon Football Club makes me proud of my culture and to continue to carry my tradition as I carry on through this journey.”

Essendon provided an opportunity for students at both Xavier College and Tiwi College on the Tiwi Islands to submit entries to design the 2018 Dreamtime Guernsey.

Rina’s design was selected by Essendon’s Indigenous players Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Jake Long and Luke Lavender.

“The boys and myself came to the agreement that we would choose Rina’s design for this year’s Dreamtime jumper,” McDonald-Tipungwuti said.

“The artwork tells a powerful story and it’s very special to see myself and my teammates wearing it and celebrating my culture.”

The Tiwi Islands are part of the Bombers Next Generation Academy Zone.

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