How did the Bombers pick up the pieces after the darkest day in their history?

In the seventh episode of Dodcast, Essendon GM of list and recruiting Adrian Dodoro is joined by James Kelly to detail the unprecedented challenges of putting a list together after 12 listed Bombers were suspended for the 2016 season in the wake of the supplements saga.

Kelly, now an assistant coach at Essendon, joined the club as its most decorated top-up player, lured out of retirement after three premierships with Geelong.

In a bumper episode, Dodoro also charts the highs and lows of the year leading into that fateful day on January 12, 2016, including the provisional suspensions in 2015 and a hugely successful draft.

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1:20 - Dealing with the provisional suspensions ahead of the 2015 NAB Challenge.

5:30 - The significance of the 2015 draft for the club.

9:57 - Why Mason Redman could become a quality tall midfielder.

11:40 - Why was Mitch Brown delisted?

15:35 - How did Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti not get drafted earlier?

18:00 - The WADA appeal - the "darkest day" in the club's history, and the personal toll it took on Adrian Dodoro.

20:45 - Insights into the 10 top-up players.

25:55 - James Kelly joins the show.

27:30 - What lured Kelly out of retirement to join Essendon as a top-up player?

29:35 - Dodoro recounts an unforgettable meeting with Kelly and fellow top-up player Mathew Stokes.

36:06 - Kelly on the significance of the round two win over Melbourne in 2016.

37:16 - How Essendon targeted Kelly in the 2001 super draft, but missed him by one selection.

38:26 - How Essendon shaped Kelly's future.

40:35 - Kelly on that famous #donthesash tweet before his move to Essendon was official.

42:28 - What John Worsfold has taught Kelly about coaching and culture.

45:40 - Kelly's view on the future of the current Essendon team.

47:52 - Could Kelly have played another year?


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