Essendon's non-selected players were put through their paces in a scratch match against Collingwood at the MCG on Saturday.

Twelve players featured across the four 20-minute quarters, headlined by reigning Crichton medallist Zach Merrett and dashing half-back Conor McKenna.

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Highlights | Scratch match v Collingwood

Watch highlights from our scratch match against Collingwood at the MCG.

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Development coach Leigh Tudor has reviewed each of the players' performances below.

Zach Merrett

"Zach came with a great attitude. He was clean in close and hard at the contest, won his own ball and used it well. He also defended well, making a few intercepts. He led the team and did exactly what he needed to do."

Conor McKenna

"Conor looked fit, powerful and quick. His run and carry was really good and he defended well. He played half-back the whole game." 

Irving Mosquito

"Moz’s defensive pressure - his chasing and tackling - was elite, and he had the Collingwood boys under the pump the whole time. We got a lot of re-entries inside 50 because of his pressure. His marking was highlight this week. His one-on-one work was really good and his work-rate was excellent. He worked hard up the ground and got back to the fall of the ball at the other end."

Matt Guelfi

"It was a really good game from Matt. He played midfield and played the conditions really well – wet-weather footy, hard and tough, using the ball well. He played a bit off half-back as well. A really solid game."

Ned Cahill

"Again, Ned's one-on-one contest work was very good. That’s two weeks in a row where he’s shown he can match it physically. He kicked a couple of goals, worked hard forward and back and used the ball well. His ball use was excellent – left and right foot. He showed he can play."

Noah Gown

"It was Gowny’s first game back. He competed well in the air and at ground level. He launched at the ball and made contests and was a very good leader, using his voice very well in the setups. It was a good return to play for him."

Brandon Zerk-Thatcher

"It’s hard for backmen in this type of game with less numbers, but he played a good game and was often in the right spot at the right time. He was good one-on-one, and came off his opponents to help in attack. He used the ball well." 

Henry Crauford

"Henry showed some really good signs in his first game for us. He took some marks in the forward line, kicked a great goal on the run and worked really hard for a big bloke. He looked comfortable at the level."

Nick Bryan

"Nick presented really well as a forward and took marks at the highest point, which is a really good sign. He was actually really good on ground balls in the wet for a big bloke, and he competed hard in the ruck."

Josh Begley

"Josh looked really good when he attacked the ball. He had drive in his legs, fought in the tackles and set up our runners. When he does that, he looks really good. He played midfield again for the whole game and his work-rate was super."

Ross McQuillan

"Another great learning game for Ross. He’s played on some good players, and he defended pretty well. He tried to join in the play when we had the ball. He’s a pretty good decision-maker and actually quite a good kick. He keeps showing bits of improvements."

Cian McBride

"It was a challenging day for Cian, playing on some really good forwards like Ben Reid. He held his own and he competes well in the air, using the ball well. Like Ross, he has lots to work on but he’s willing to learn and wants to get better, so he’s in a good space at the moment."