Essendon chairman Paul Little has labeled last night’s Channel 7 interview with Dean Robinson a ‘personal attack’ without foundation on coach James Hird.

Little said the interview was full of mistruths and distortions.

“No doubt like many of you, I watched the Dean Robinson interview last night,” Little said

“Clearly visible to me was a man who was stressed, frustrated and tired.  There is no doubt this ordeal is extracting a huge personal toll on everyone involved.”

“Not withstanding this, I cannot let what was claimed last night go unchallenged, as much of it was patently false or distorted.”

“What went to air – largely unchallenged by Channel 7 – was a series of uncorroborated allegations by a disgruntled, disaffected and discredited ex-employee.”

“The inaccuracies in the interview are too many to work through one-by-one, and we are seeking legal advice on a number of these matters,” Little said

“That said, I have spoken with James Hird and he confirms:

  • that no Police have ever raided James’ house.
  • James did NOT call – or speak to - Dean Robinson asking him to investigate any ‘undetectable cream’
  • James has not maintained a relationship with Shane Charter.  Having been introduced to Mr Charter along with a number of other AFL footballers, in 2003/2004 James was provided dietary advice. James has had no contact with Mr Charter since, other than when he unexpectedly ran into him some seven years later.
  • As has already been reported, James has addressed the slanderous allegations about personal injections in his ASADA interview. He categorically denies a personal program of weekly or bi-weekly injections.  
  • Contrary to what was claimed, James Hird and the Essendon Football Club have never held the view that the Collingwood Football Club, West Coast Eagles Football Club or the Hawthorn Football Club have been involved with illegal or prohibited supplements. The suggestion James Hird has or had knowledge of the supply of such substances to Collingwood is both damaging and incorrect.

“Overall, this interview was an unjustified personal attack on one man which deeply offends the Essendon Football Club, its staff and its players,” Little said

“Finally, in some of the toughest times conceivable, I have been overwhelmed by the incredible passion and loyalty on display from the Essendon family.”

“I am in no doubt we boast the best supporters in the AFL.”

“We will get through this, and we will be stronger for it.”

“In the meantime, I look forward to taking on the old enemy on the MCG on Sunday.”