1901 started poorly with three losses in the first four rounds, but the Bombers steadied, losing only two more games in the next 12 rounds and winning both finals games to claim a sixth premiership - Essendon’s second in the VFL.

The Grand Final was played at Lake Oval, with Essendon emerging a 27-point victory over Collingwood.

In just his second season, Fred Hiskins led the VFL’s goalkicking with 34 goals.

Albert Thurgood played only 10 games for the year, but saved his best until last with 19 goals in his last five games, eight of which came in Essendon’s two finals.

Essendon 3.0  5.2  5.4  6.7 (43)
Collingwood 0.1  0.3  2.3  2.4 (16)

Best: Gavin, Griffith, Kinnear, McKenzie, Thurgood, Wright

Goals: Thurgood 3, Kinnear, G. Martin, McKenzie


B: F. Mann, J. Anderson, M. Collins

HB: S. Barry, H. Gavin, T. Collins

C: G. Hastings, H. Wright, H. Vollugi

HF: F. Hiskins, A. Thurgood, J. Larkin

F: G. Martin, T. Kinnear, G. Stuckey

R: B. Robinson, J. McKenzie, B. Griffith

Average age: 24

Average games: 52


Best and fairest: Albert Thurgood

Leading goakicker: Fred Hiskins (34)